Cannabis Genetics Tricalyx Nursery Clones and Teens

Cannabis genetics that make you successful.

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About Tricalyx

Tricalyx is an indoors cannabis nursery located in beautiful Eastern Townships, Quebec.

We are dedicated to cultivating high quality genetics for the benefit of licensed cannabis producers from Quebec and Canada.

For now, our products are not available for holders of ACMPR licenses delivered by Health Canada.

Cannabis genetics clone and teen from a Weed Nursery

The Tricalyx offer

Tricalyx produces from exceptional genetics cannabis cuttings (clones) and juvenile plants (teens) destined to cannabis producers/micro-producers duly authorized by Health Canada (i.e. license holders).

Made possible by tissue culture technology, our mother plants can yield the quality you require to ensure the success of your business.

We sell more than plants; we provide the main input for your production process, backed by an exceptional customer experience.

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The Tricalyx customer relationship

We strongly believe that relationships between businesses are long term and of the utmost importance, and that they can only be built upon honesty and transparency.

We proactively take the time to analyze and understand what is important for you, both now and in the future. Being able to know what we will produce for you will impact your reputation and your sales figure.

And this is reflected in all our communications and dealings with your business.

Contact us to discuss your project. We are ready to help you.

Cannabis genetics, many cannabis buds in cicle form a Weed Nursery